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Scorpion Trailer

Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator Video

Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator - Saving Lives (English)

Scorpion Trailer Attenuator Video

TrafFix Scorpion Trailer Attenuator - Introduction

Scorpion Trailer Attenuator 10002 Series

NCHRP 350 tested and approved for all mandatory and optional offset and angled impacts

Only Trailer Attenuator, tested and approved when attached to a 10,000 lb host vehicle.

  • - Caution - Forward roll of host vehicle was 64' when impacted by a 4,500 lb. (2,041.17 k.g.) truck traveling at 63.5 mph (100 km/h)
  • - Single point attachment to standard 20 Ton (minimum) rated pintle hook is quick and easy
  • - Requires little or no modification to host vehicle or additional mounting hardware.
  • - 1/2" thick x 32" wide minimum pintle hook mounting plate required
  • - Telescoping Anti-Rotational System (TARS™) minimizes Scorpion Trailer rotation during angled impacts and prevents trailer separation from host vehicle
  • - The Scorpion's proven modular design crushes in progressive states allowing quick and economical replacement of damaged parts
  • - The unique curved design gives full width protection to the back of the host vehicle and protects the "coffin corners" of the truck
  • - Rear axle placement improves trailer stability and prevents the tail from "bottoming out" on driveways or uneven surfaces
  • - Overall length of the Scorpion Trailer Attenuator is only 17' 5" - the shortest on the market
  • - Integrated electric brake system comes standard on Scorpion Trailer - brakes are automatically activated in the event of trailer separation or hitch failure
  • - Available in a shorter (12' 7") lower speed TL-2 (45 mph) model, which is ideal for congested city streets or where posted speeds are 45 mph or less
  • - Optional Arrow or Message Board can easily be attached to the Scorpion Trailer Attenuator.